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Company NEC
System PC-FX
Produced 1994-1997


The PC-FX is a video game console released in Japan on December 23 1994 by NEC Corporation. It is the 32-bit successor to NEC's PC Engine (US name:TurboGrafx-16).

The PC-FX's computer-like design was unusual for consoles at the time. It stands upright like a tower computer while other contemporary consoles lay flat. Another interesting feature is its three expansion ports, as expansion ports are relatively underused in consoles and therefore their inclusion increased the price without offering a great deal to the end user. However it was one of the first consoles to feature an optional mouse which made strategy games like Farland Story FX and Power Dolls FX more accessible to play on TV.

Unlike nearly any other console (except for the 3DO), the PC-FX was also available as an internal PC card in PC-98 and DOS flavors. This PC card came with 2 CDs of software to help you program games for the PC-FX. However, compatibility issues prevented games developed with this software from actually running on the console.

The PC-FX was discontinued in late 1997. At the time of the console's discontinuation, according to NEC the PC-FX had sold just under 100,000 units.


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