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Amiga CDTV

Company Commodore
System Commodore Amiga CDTV
Produced 1993-1994


The Commodore CDTV (from "Commodore Dynamic Total Vision") was a multimedia platform made by Commodore International that was launched in March 1991. On a technological level it was essentially a Commodore Amiga home computer in a smaller case, with a single-speed CD-ROM drive as standard, although Commodore marketed the machine as an all-in-one home multimedia appliance rather than a computer. Though the CDTV was based entirely on Amiga hardware it was marketed strictly as a CDTV, with the Amiga name omitted from product branding.

The CDTV debuted in America in March 1991 (CES, Las Vegas) and in the UK (World of Commodore 1991 at Earls Court, London). It was advertised at �499 for the CDTV unit, remote control and two titles. Though Commodore later developed an improved and cost-reduced CDTV-II it was never released. The CDTV was eventually replaced in 1993, with the Amiga CD32, which used similar hardware but explicitly targeted the games market. The CD32 was initially a success, but was not enough to save Commodore from bankruptcy, which was declared in 1994.


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