Goal of this part of the website if to list all existing handheld and tabletop games.
All game variations are listed separately. Even if just the color is different.
Sometimes publishers publish a game from another publisher and only put their sticker on the box and not on the game itself. Those are only listed under the original publisher.
Some publishers publish under different names in different parts of the world. They are listed under each name separately.
Some games might be distributed under several brands (often manufactured in china). They are listed under the manufacturer of which I found a box with the brand name printed on it (not a sticker).
Examples of such distributors are: Globo, Hartung and Queentex.

Russian and Japanese titles are translated using Romanization.
Romanization: Russian/Asian characters phonetic represented to english using latin characters.
Translation: Translation by trying to get close to the meaning of the original title.

Thanks go to:
Icyelut: Japanese titles and translations.

In case of nice ideas for the website or game information errors or missing games, you can contact me by mail.
Mail: Gunther Moller