System: Commodore 64

Media: Cassette Tape, Floppy Disk

Players: 1

Release date: 1986

Developer(s): Atari

Publisher(s): Elite, Encore, Mindscape

Programmer(s): Neil A. Bate, Christian Harvey

Musician(s): Mark Cooksey

Graphics designer(s):


Delivering news papers is not an easy task. Many obstacles are found on your way.

Gameplay is very hard though. Throing the news paper at the right moment while avoiding the obstacles is not the biggest issue. The problem is that obstacles appear in the screen often at the moment you cannot avoid it anymore. This game was originally an arcade closet game, so the harder, the more coins for the company. But for a game you play at home, this should have been improved.

Graphics are nice and the changing scenery is really giving a nice atmosphere.